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An Anti-Cancer Diet   
Prevent & reverse cancer.
Live longer & look younger.
Lower cholesterol & lose weight.

An Anti-Cancer Diet explores the body's natural ability to heal itself, and to reach optimum health, covering cancer-fighting foods, a healthy plant-based diet, and new natural cancer treatments.  The recommended diet also turns out to be perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight, or lower cholesterol.

Consistent with the plant-based diet recommended by the American Cancer Society, and written in plain English, this slender new book summarizes the latest findings from scientific studies, and other complex factors now known to influence health.  

Delicious and healthy food can be a part of your lifestyle today, if you know how to choose what's good for you.

International and U.S. customers can browse through the book with's, "look inside," feature, and can buy An Anti-Cancer Diet directly from amazon's publisher, createspace.  U.S. customers can buy it on, and can get it on amazon Kindle.
Also sold through nationwide distribution to book stores.

Read more about cancer fighting foods, new natural cancer treatments, a healthy Plant-Based diet, and some of the best ways to lose weight, in An Anti-Cancer Diet, published April 10th, 2008.

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